Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Case 02

Case No. 2
Appointment 1st Mr M. S. B 32-years old 24/06/2006.

Patient Account of her illness:
“The main problem I have got is diarrhoea. I need to go to the toilet 2-3 times a day, usually in the morning. I sometimes get a stomach-ache.
I went to Pakistan 1 ½ years ago. I only went for one week, but within 3 days of my visit, I struck with a pain in my stomach. When I arrived back in Britain, the problem persisted. Before going to Pakistan, my stomach was OK. Food seems to be irritating the problem.
My wife and mother suggested that I fast for a day. Then introduce foods one by one, which I did. I found that many types of meat and rice aggravates the problem.
On referral to the hospital, I was told that I had caught a bug in Pakistan. I was prescribed anti-biotic but nothing happened, so the specialist sent me to a nutritionist. A nurse at the BUPA hospital suggested that I go and see a homeopath.
10 years ago I was told that I had IBS.
As soon as I wake in the morning I experience stomach pain and flatulence. When I go to the toilet I get explosive stools (stools with gas). There are days when I have to rush. Sometimes it smells. Lentils give me constipation.
Spicy foods and chilli make the symptoms worse. Meat gives me problems and rice sometimes gives me problems, though it varies from time to time and any food can make it worse. Sometimes it’s just specific foods. Wheata bix aggravates the symptoms. When my stomach is empty I feel OK.
I like milk and I like savoury food. I don’t like sweet things. I like vegetables but not fruit. I like chicken breast and potatoes. I prefer warm drinks. I don’t like coffee. I always like to eat food that is warm.
I am clearing my throat all the time. When I drink water I feel it stays in my throat. Oily foods also stay in my throat. I do not suffer as much if I stick to hot drinks. Warm drinks tend to make my throat better.
I pass urine frequently. I work better under pressure.
I cannot cope in extreme heat. I prefer the autumn, as the weather is more of a medium temperature. Every Saturday, I tend to get a lot of headaches in the temple, eyes and neck. If I sleep too much or too little I get headaches. My headaches are better with fresh air.
I suffer from anxiety about work and find it difficult to do nothing and relax. I am a workaholic. I have taken Sulphur before but is has not help”.
Repertorisation: Mr. M. S. B.’s case has been repertories by considering the following rubrics. To repertorised this case I use Kent Repertory (1995)
1. Mind: Anxiety, health, about: Ars., bry., sulph. ( p. 7).

  • Mind: Industrious: Ars., bry., (p. 56)
  • Stomach: Aversion, coffee: Bry., (p. 480).
  • Stomach: Aversion, sweets: Ars., sulph., (p. 482).
  • Stomach: Desires, milk: Ars., bry., sulph. (p.485)
  • Stomach: Desires, sour, acid etc:.Ars., sulph., (p. 486)
  • Stomach: Desires, warm drinks :Ars., bry., sulph. (p. 486).
  • Stomach: Desires, warm food :Ars., (p. 486)
  • Rectum, Urging, constant: Ars., bry., sulph., (p.633).
  • Rectum: Urging, stool after: Ars., sulph., (p. 634).
  • Generalities: Food, beans and peas agg.: Ars., bry., (p.1362).
  • Generalities: Food, flatulent food agg. Ars., bry., (p. 1363).
  • Generalities: Food, pepper agg. Ars., (p.1363).
  • Generalities: Food, meat agg. Sulph., (p. 1363).
  • Generalities: Food, warm drinks amel.: Ars., bry., sulph., (p.1364).

Grade 1: Remedy/Remedies: Arsenicum Alb. appears 12 times out of 15 rubrics.
Grade 2: Remedy/Remedies: Bryonia alba, appears 9 time out of 15 rubrics.
Grade 3: Sulphur, appears 5 times out of 15 rubrics.
Prescribing indications:
The weak point in this case is the food intolerance, which caused diarrhoea. Mr M. S. B. is tried sulphur before to attended my clinic but from the above repertorisation it has been prove that sulphur was not the right remedy for him. This is why homoeopathic remedy only works, when is covers the totality of the patient’s symptoms. Although the above repertorisation indicates sulphur but in very low degree. Sulphur appears only 5 times from out of 15 rubrics.
Now two remedy remain left one is Arsenicum alb. and the second one is Bryonia. Thirst is common in both remedies but Arsenicum alb. patient drinks seep of water within short interval, while Bryonia patient drinks large quantity of water after a long period. (Allen 1996). Arsenicum alb. patient feels better by warm food and drinks, while Bryonia patient desires cold drink.(Kent 1996). Mr. M. S. B mentions in his case that warm drinks tend to make his throat better. He always likes to eat warm food.
Arsenicum album stomach is extremely irritable. Patient suffers from Gastralgia which cause from slightest food or drink, while Bryonia patient feels pressure in the stomach after eating, as of a stone. (Boericke 1993). Bryonia is considered for constipation, while Arsenicum alb is for diarrhoea which trigger by eating food or drink. This is why it is one of the good remedy for food poison. Bryonia diarrhoea cause by cold drinks in the hot weather and from overheated and also trigger by eating fruits, while Arsenicum album diarrhoea starts after eating or drinking. Mr M.S.B mentions that any food can make his stomach worse.
Bryonia patient is worse by movement, while Arsenicum patient is restless,and moves from one place to other. Bryonia patient is irritable and angry, while Arsenicum patient is suffer from anxiety. (Clarke 1997). Mr. M. S. B. states, “I suffer from anxiety about work and find it difficult to do nothing and relax.”
By considering the above discussion I clearly understand that following is the right remedy for Mr. M. S. B.
Arsenicum album 30
Take three tablets twice a day morning and at night.

Appointment 2nd Mr. M.S.B 5/8/2006

Patient account of his illness:
“Since I started this treatment, I am going to the toilet once in the morning, once in the afternoon and a 3rd time in the evening.
When I was going to the toilet twice a day. The first time it was urgent (around 11 am), in the evening the obstruction was much better. When I go regularly to the toilet the bowel is smelly. Spicy foods still cause me problems.
I like milk with my cereal (not on its own). I have cut down on savoury foods, I still do not like sweet foods, and I like vegetables. I do not eat a bite of fruit. Before I was just having warm milk on my cereal, but over the last few weeks I have introduced cold milk, which I could not have done in the past.
I do not seem to be clearing my throat as much. I have not noticed myself complaining about it. Though the feeling is still there but it is not so severe. However, the sensation of water in my throat, whenever I drink, is still there.
I still feel better if I drink warm fluids, but I do not just consume warm drinks.
I pass urine frequently. I am not working, which has reduced my headaches. My headaches are no worse if I have less or more sleep.
I want to make purpose of my time not just sit and relax”.
Although, Mr. M.S.B experienced some improvement in some symptoms but I can feel that the food still cause the problem. So advise him to take Arsenicum Alb. 3 tablets twice a day as you require.

Appointment 3rd Mr. M S..B 14/10/2006

Patient account of his illness:
“The diarrhoea has definitely improved. Before I was going a few times a day, now I am opening my bowel twice a day. Before my stools were like diarrhoea, but now they are not so loose.
I ate pizza the other day, which would usually cause me to have a few days diarrhoea; I only experienced a slight pain. I stay away from spicy foods. Two weeks ago I ate some meat, which gave me diarrhoea for two days.
I do not tend to suffer if I eat chicken but meat causes me problems. Though I am still clearing my throat it has eased off a little. If I eat fried foods then I clear my throat regularly.
I am a lot happier because I know I am improving. Before I used to visit a lot of doctors, but now I am getting better, I do not feel the need to do this.
I was taking the medication for a few days, and then I stopped for a few days, this helped.
There was not any blood in my stools when I taking the medication.
I woke up early in the morning and opened my bowels at 7:30 am, the second time was at 9:30 at night. For the last two weeks I have only been opening my bowel once or twice a day.
My stools are less smelly. Spicy food is no longer giving me any problems, though I still avoid it.
I only put milk on my cereal; I never drink milk on its own. I do not add salt to my food. I used to eat crisps but I do not anymore.
I have definitely changed. I am now even eating sweet things.
I still prefer to eat vegetables. I did try using cold milk on my cereal but prefer warm milk. I still pass urine frequently. I have not had any headaches.
If I sleep for 9 hours I get a headache, but if I sleep for 6-7 hours then I do not get a bad head.
I used to get a headache every Saturday, for two years, but for several weeks now I have not had a headache.”
He is getting better this time, so prescribed palesobo once every other day.

Appointment 4 Mr. M.S. B. 3/2/2007
Patient account of his illness:
“In the last 4 weeks I have noticed a big improvement. I feel much better.
4 weeks ago I opened my bowel, I had wind and normal stools, at first I thought it was just luck, but since then I have just been getting better and better.
I have also cut down on eating spicy foods, but the good news is I know if I eat spicy food and I get diarrhoea it will only be for one day. Before, when I was eating spicy foods the diarrhoea would last for 7 days.
I have also discovered recently that tomatoes just do not agree with me, so I have cut them out of my diet where possible. The homeopathic medication is helping me. Even before I cut down on my intake of tomatoes I was improving, but since I have stopped eating tomatoes I have improved dramatically.
Over the last 4 weeks I have been opening my bowels once a day, which is very good.
I have eaten pizza for 4-5 days and experienced no problems. I recently had a meal and suffered no side effects, though I have not tried to eat chilli yet.
Emotionally I feel really good.
We moved in September 06 and we also welcomed a new baby into the family. At the time we were in the process of a new career development. Throughout this time I was feeling very stressed, but things have settled down now and I feel much better.
I have been getting headaches in the morning, but recently I have been suffering headaches every Saturday. Unfortunately they are now occurring a few times a week. However, it is not my typical headache, as they tend to be very mild and dull. My chin and eye is also affected.
I sleep to little or too much I experience a headache. It is very difficult for me to get the right amount of sleep, so I do not suffer any symptoms. I also sometimes get a pain in the neck, which triggers a headache.
I sometimes take painkillers such as paracetamol or panadol; they only help a bit, enough for me to carry on, but it’s always there.
I have been extremely happy with the treatment I have received under your care. I have been to countless hospitals, but none could get to the route of the problem. You have helped me so much.
I have acne on my face and back. The spots are quite inflamed and red. The consultant said it could be due to IBS.
I do not crave salt and have tried, where possible, to cut it out of my diet. I tend to like sweeter things now. I can drink milk with cereal.
My stools are still less smelly. Everything feels much more normal. I am also not passing urine so frequently.
I have been drinking more fruit juice, especially apple. I have also cut down on my intake of fizzy drinks such as coke.
Finally my immune system is better. Before, I was always the one in the family to catch a cold first, but this time everyone else seems to have caught a cold except me.”
Mr M. S. B mentioned that his immune system is better in other words his vital force is strong enough to fight with the disease. The spots on the face and pain in the neck is indicates that the vital force is moving the symptoms from inside to out and help the patient to recover fully.
Prescribe Arsenicum album 30 and advice, take once a day as you require. Mr M. S. B. feels much better so discharge him.


Mr M. S. B. Testimonial indicates the improvement of his illness.
Leyton, London, E10
3rd. Feb 2007
To Whom It May Concern: Letter 63
In January 2005 during a one week visit to Lahore in Pakistan to attend a wedding, I developed stomach pains and diarrhoea. This occurred on the fifth day of my visit. Upon returning to England and having suffered daily diarrhoea and pain for a couple of weeks, I decided to tell my GP. I was prescribed some medication and used it every day for the next few weeks. Whilst the medicine did bulk the stool a little, it did not have a lasting effect. I returned to my GP and was prescribed antibiotics. Having finished the course I felt no change in my symptoms.
In all, I visited the GP approximately five times, she tried different medicines but none had any effect. I was also referred to the local hospital and saw a senior registrar twice, with stool and blood tests being taken a few times.
The hospital discovered no problem and suggested that the bug I caught from Pakistan had been flushed out of my system by the antibiotics and the current diagnosis may be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
I was then referred to a hospital dietician, who suggested certain diet changes to help my digestive system settle down. I tried all these changes, some of which had a minor effect but again not a lasting effect (i.e. it would have a positive effect on reducing the frequency of my diarrhoea, which at the time meant passing stools about five to six times in a day, but within a week my body would ‘get used to’ the change and the diarrhoea would be worse).
All the above happened over a period of about a year and a half. At this stage, not seeing any improvement, I decided that it was unlikely that normal allopathic medicine would be able to help me.
Someone I knew suggested I try homeopathy. Coming from a science background I tend to look for evidence before trying something new and was initially sceptical. However, I had nothing to lose so went to see Dr Saran Zeb, of the London Homeopathic Clinic in Ilford, Essex.
I was given a one hour consultation and given some powders and tablets to take regularly. I have taken homeopathic medicines for about six months and for the past month my diarrhoea and pain have completely cleared and my stools back to normal. I have no doubt that my system is back to normal as a direct result of the homeopathic treatment. This is partly because I was not asked to change my diet in any way and partly because each time the medicine was prescribed or changed I noticed improvements.
I feel that home