Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 14

Miss. C. K.

24th May 2006

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been treated by Dr Saran Zeb for over two years now. Over that period of time I have been given various different homoeopathic medicines to help me physically but have also helped me emotionally. When I first went to Saran it was because of my face discoloration which is called vitiligo. Although this discoloration had always been on my left cheek as long as I could remember, I thought it was perfectly normal. However when I started getting older I realized that the rest of my body was perfect compared to my face including my right cheek so I went to see my local GP who gave me a cream.
Every night I applied this cream and all it did was clog up my pores, At this point I was even more emotionally uneasy with my face as I started to come up with huge pussy spots along with the discoloration. I tried make-up and many other products to hide my discoloration and also the emerging spots. I was so unhappy as I didn’t see why I had to be doing this just at the age of 12, when I am supposed to be fresh faced and almost glowing with youth, but not me.
I went to Dr Zeb who at the time was also treating my mum for her back problems. After only 1 session of talking and taking an analysis of my emotional and physical state, more was revealed than I thought would have been. At the time I was constantly tired and falling asleep in classes. As a result my school work was also suffering. I found that this was not normal, especially for someone of my age. I was also suffering back problems as I couldn’t lie on my front or my back without a sharp pain as a consequence. My face was also assessed and my condition was known as vitiligo. I was given powders, tablets and a cream.
I used them all and after one month I noticed a slight reduction in the darkness of the discoloration. I was also given back massages to relax the bones in my back. I was also beginning to feel more active, refreshed and bursting with energy over the months that followed. I could also start to lay both ways on my back without pain. I could notice a vast improvement in my face and also a huge difference in my school work which made me happier. The medicine and treatment given helped make major improvements to my face, my back and then my energy levels. This made me realize that my previous physical and emotional state had to be really bad in order for me to feel this good. I still couldn’t believe that this was due to homeopathic medicines, something that I had never even heard of in my life.
Two years to date the treatment given has impacted me greatly as the colour of my skin is beginning to look even. My school grades are the best they can be and I am also physically and emotionally happy with myself. However I am still being treated with the cream and other various tablets, I have also been taking a new set of tablets as I am going through puberty and have come up with normal but huge acne like ‘teenage spots’. The medicines are helping immensely to keep them at bay as they have shrunk the spots and eventually have made them disappear. In a couple of months I will be discharged and hopefully can live a medicine-free life.
However there has been a negative aspect out of all the good. Over the last years my parents have spent less than a thousand pounds on me for the medicines. I wonder how they have spent all this money on me when I was and still am eligible for a free NHS service. They used my child benefit along with their hard earned cash to give me an opportunity to use the natural homeopathic alternative. I am also beginning to wonder, what if I need to use the homeopathic service again in the future. My child benefit is going to stop when I reach 17 so how can I possibly start paying for fees. I can only ask for my parents support up to a limit as they will start to go on their pension soon. Getting a job is a real solution but I have ambitious of helping people in the future even if that means doing voluntary work in my spare time along with my studying. I wish to go to university and even though that is a long time away how can I possibly pay for homeopathic fees along with tuition fees? I understand that the NHS is considering supporting homeopathy as an alternative method of medicine, and I believe strongly that the NHS should fund homeopathy.
I believe very strongly that if the decision does go ahead it will benefit people immeasurably in the UK. I would say it would be so amazing if everyone had the same opportunity that I have had. I feel very privileged but there are people out there that are not so much so, and I feel that everyone should have the right to live a normal healthy life, both emotionally and physically. I believe everyone has the right to feel good about themselves. Incredibly homeopathy is all natural so there are no side effects like other medicines. I feel strongly that homeopathy will be known as a natural medical breakthrough and could also be a remedy to cure other illnesses or diseases, This, would mean homeopathic remedies could focus on a wide area and could cure illnesses that till this day have not been cured, or even if they are cured have other side effects.
Furthermore, money spent on specific medication through the NHS might not work. And so money, being used on the NHS medicine could be used on the homeopathic ones, therefore, homeopathic medication could cure more illnesses effectively which could have a more positive effect on a wider range of people.
Kind regards,
Miss. C. K.