Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 54

Mrs. F S

I, Mrs F S came to came to Dr Saran Zeb with problem with my feet. I had severe pain in the feet and could not walk or put pressure on them. I had been to doctors and was given different medicines but to no avail. They did X-rays and scans but could not find anything wrong. They did blood tests and said that it came negative for arthritis and gout. So I was very disappointed and it had gone on for over a year now when I finally came to Dr Saran Zeb.
Dr Zeb started my treatment the same day we had consultation and I followed it up with four appointments for the next four weeks. I am very pleased and happy with his treatment and its outcome as I am 99% cured and can walk properly now.
I would be greatly obliged if we could get this treatment on NHS as it will be much more affordable and more people can benefit from it.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Mrs F S