Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 86

Clay hall,

19 May 2006

To Whom It May Concern
I have had treatment from Homoeopathic Doctor Saran Zeb for several different conditions. I was suffering from bad headaches, tiredness lack of energy and pain in my leg, while taking homoeopathic medication I have noticed a great difference in all of my symptoms and feel a lot better than before the treatment. I am still continuing the medicine.

I also have a daughter with special needs, for her; there is no treatment available in orthodox. The GP only gives strong pain killers those don’t help instead add to the problem with their own side effects. she cannot take painkillers on an everyday basis. While on homoeopathic medicine she has improved a great deal, her physical well being has benefited her of the little things she was trying to cope with while struggling with constant pain and cramps. As her treatment is on going maybe over several years. Considering the benefit she had I want to continue her treatment with Dr Zeb, so that she can benefit further from it and by doing this she can have a better quality of life. But I am finding it hard to carry on with the treatment for the cost of the fees and medicines, As for her homoeopathic treatment should be through N.H.S.

I have two sons who are also being treated by the same practitioner and would like to continue with their medication- one son had acne for so many years tried everything but to no avail now his condition has improved only after one month. My other son has skin problems, which is also improving. It has now been several months that I am getting treatment for my two sons also. As having four members of my family treated, it is very difficult to keep up with the fees and the cost of the medications.
Therefore I am very keen on getting homoeopathic treatment on N.H.S. which will be very beneficial to all my family members.
I strongly support this application and vote for homoeopathic way of treatment should be easily provided on the N.H.S.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. S. M.