Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 20

N. K.
Shirley Gardens
17th December 2011

I came to Dr Saran Zeb’s London Homoeopathic Clinic because I was suffering from skin condition. The condition I had was rash. The rash would start out as a dark spot or a dry skin patch on my skin from there it would form little spots which were very itchy. Slowly they began to spread over my shoulder, arms, hands and legs. The condition got worse when the spots combined and then it would start to weep. I suffered sleepless nights because I was so uncomfortable.
When I came to see Dr Zeb he held an hour consultation which was very detailed. Then he examined my skin and made me cream to apply to the affected areas and gave me some drops as well as some tablets to take internally. The medication was made in the clinic right in front of me. By taking the medication which was prescribed to me by Dr Zeb, my rash started to heal, although it was healing it left behind scabs which were unbearably itchy, but Dr Zeb’s medication also helped with the itching.
Thanks to Dr Zeb and homoeopathy medication I am now recovering. I would recommend anyone who is suffering unnecessarily to visit Dr Zeb and see for themselves the benefit of homoeopathy.
N. K.