Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 49

Mrs. N H

I am writing to say a big thanks to Dr. Saran Zeb, who helped me to get rid of the horrible chronic joint pain which I was suffering from last 4 years. I was diagnosed by Rheumatoid Arthritis not very long ago and I sustain to start the treatment with NHS. Although the doctor from NHS was very helpful to develop a way to exist but all medications were given to me was not really helpful to feel me better, even I would more pain started in my joints and I felt badly in profound depression.
My brother heard from one of his friends that the homeopathic treatment may help me to reduce the pain so he searched Dr. Saran Zeb over internet. Being classically trained in homeopathic field we were drawn to consult him about the disease I had.
Dr Saran’s clinic is very professional about everything – detailed case analysis; help support to fight the disease, delivering the medicine on time etc. A part from homeopathic medication, he also put me on a special diet of vegetables and also advised me to do some extra measures on my daily basis works. In the beginning I was reluctant to believe that I could feel any better from the treatment I am having because I had used all the other ways to control but I was failed to get any success.
Within a period of four weeks I would say I literally felt better and in the last week of treatment I was totally painless. My morning stiffness has gone properly, my night sleep has come back and I have no more pain in my joints. All I have is a little stiffness left in my shoulders which seems to be improving already. I am very glad that I have had a treatment with Dr Saran Zeb and he helped me to start my routine life once more time. I can’t believe that homeopathic treatment could cure me so very well. Since I feel quite better I would always prefer homeopathic treatment over all other treatments available to me.
I heard that it is being considered that the homeopathic medicines will be provided through NHS. Since it is a safe and affordable way I support this brilliant idea and I hope we will be able to start homeopathic treatments from NHS soon.
Mrs. N H