Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 74

Miss S. P
Romford Road, Manor Park
London, E12
23rd May 2011

I am writing to say how grateful I am that Dr Saran Zeb has helped me to improve the quality of my life by prescribing and treating my illness with homoeopathic remedies.
My condition has been with me for as long as I can remember, initially as a child I suffered with asthma and given steroids and inhalers from my GP. This helped initially but the worst was yet to come from the side effects I began to develop.
During my teenage years I started to have debilitating migraine headaches which continued until I started a strict diet avoiding caffeine, citrus fruits and cheese. In my thirties I developed to an even further extent food allergies which made it impossible to work full time as my symptoms were making it impossible for me to keep full time employment. I spoke to my GP in 2003 about my food allergies and was referred to the Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in King Cross. After many tests I was told nothing could be done regarding my allergies to dairy, Wheat and yeast so I continued a strict diet which made life very difficult as I had limited strength to continue the demand of living and working in London without being able to digest these rich foods. The hospital referred me to the Nutricentre at Gt. Portland St and recommended Lactobacillus and Acidophilus to build my gut flora. I continued their advice for 2 years with little benefit.
In December 2010 I developed a bladder infection and decided to go to Dr. Saran Zeb for treatment.
To my astonishment I was better from the infection within two weeks. Within 7-9 weeks my food allergy had literally disappeared with both Aloe and Sulphur Homoeopathic remedies. After this I had an asthma attack which left within three days. This has eliminated most of my most difficult symptoms and helped me to feel more able to cope with the day to day pressure of life. For some unknown reason my hair has also started to grow thicker and my appearance of my skin improved.
I have heard that NHS is considering Homoeopathic medicine and I sincerely believe this will benefit many people. I know there are many people who have not benefited from the synthetic medicines prescribed on the NHS that will continue to lead a normal working life if they are able to receive alternative treatment.
Warm regards
Miss S. P