Homoeopathy is the medical practice of treating like with like. That is to say, treating an illness with a substance which when taken by a healthy person produces symptoms similar to those displayed by the person who is ill.

Letter 64


Ms P. S.

Barking, Essex, IG11 
Dear Dr Zeb,

I was treated by you a couple of years ago. I found your treatment was a great help to me. I found that my symptoms eased as soon as I took the first lot of drops that you prescribed.
The whole treatment process did not take too long, and it did not always mean I had to have a consultation I would just ring you explain how my symptoms were progressing and you would advise me what dosage to take.

Letter 65


Mrs A. S. B.

Ilford, Essex, IG1 

I have been consulting Dr Zeb for the past two and a half years.
I have Type 2 Diabetes and was going through the menopause. Because of my medication I was unable to take HRT.
On consulting Dr Zeb and answering his very in-depth questions, he was able to prescribe a Homeopathic solution to my condition.

Letter 66


Barking, Essex, IG11
To Whom it May Concern

I have been consulting Dr. Zeb of the Homeopathic Clinic for the last 2 years. The first time I consulted Dr. Zeb was for the vitiligo on both my feet, legs and arms which I have had from the age of 2. I have had various treatments from Homeopathic Clinic’s in India but they have proved to be unsuccessful. When I turned to Dr. Zeb for my vitiligo, I was very pleased with the treatment as I noticed my original skin colour coming back within two weeks.

Letter 67


Dagenham, Essex, RM10
Dear Doctor Zeb,

I am writing to you as I am considerably benefiting from homeopathic treatment under your care, but I’m now finding the regular consultations difficult to afford. For this reason I was hoping that I could possibly receive help through NHS funding, as I have heard that this is sometimes possible.

Letter 68


MS N. T.

Ilford, Essex, IG1 
Dear Dr Saran Zeb,

I am writing to you, as I do not know for how much longer I will be able to attend my appointments at your clinic. I am currently in receipt of state benefits and I’m finding the regular consultations difficult to afford, I have improved dramatically under your care and I’m terrified that if I stop my homeopathic treatment too soon I will suffer a relapse, which I desperately don’t want to do.

Letter 69


Mrs R. N. M

Ilford, Essex, IG1

I have been seeing Dr. Zeb over the past year for urine incontinence and stomach problems. I have suffered severely for over 20 years and seen my G.P. and many hospital consultant visits, but with no success. I was fed up and house bound. Since treatment with Dr. Zeb, I am much improved and wish I had seen him earlier.

Letter 70


Leyton, London, E10 
To Whom It May Concern:

In January 2005 during a one week visit to Lahore in Pakistan to attend a wedding, I developed stomach pains and diarrhoea. This occurred on the fifth day of my visit. Upon returning to England and having suffered daily diarrhoea and pain for a couple of weeks, I decided to tell my GP. I was prescribed some medication and used it every day for the next few weeks. Whilst the medicine did bulk the stool a little, it did not have a lasting effect. I returned to my GP and was prescribed antibiotics. Having finished the course I felt no change in my symptoms.

Letter 71


Mrs S. B

East Ham, London, E6 

I have been suffering from a number of complaints for a few years now including aches, throat pains, stomach complaints, and anaemia
My G.P prescribed me various medicines including iron supplements, HRT and throat sprays, which had some effect, but often left me with side effects and short term relief but no improvement in my symptoms.

Letter 72


Mrs. S. A.

South View Drive, South Wood ford, London E18
Dear Dr Saran Zeb

As you are aware my 6 years old son was suffering from a stomach gas problem, which meant he seldom ate anything because he never felt hungry due to the gas.
On the advice and recommendation of a family friend, I got in touch with you for treatment and I am so happy because I can see a difference in my son. He eats properly now. He has 3 proper meals a day and there have been no side effects with this medication.

Letter 73


Mrs. D. H.

Dagenham, Essex, RM9
Dear Dr Zeb

For about six months I had been suffering from severe heartburn. After seeing you and taking the medicine you gave me, four weeks later the pain had gone.
I would recommend Homeopathy treatment to everyone; it has certainly helped me for which I thank you.